Does penis size matter?

On the basis of many studies, questionnaires and surveys, it is stated that a penis size influences the quality of sexual life. Majority of women do not admit to that, but the numbers speak for themselves – 87% of women pay a lot of attention to the size.

A short glance at random comments on internet forums suffices to notice that:


“SIZE MATTERS!!! Once in my life I had something like that… I’ve been seeing a guy for a while… He really liked me and he didn’t hide it… When it came to the crunch… I even didn’t feel him! After two minutes he came off but I didn’t have time to feel him… I was very surprised when he stood up and said: “I’m sorry but for me that’s all”. I was so shocked… but well… His size was maximum 7-8 cm…”


It does matter – I have also thought, that it does not, but it is the other way round. My husband is hopeless in bed – licking is a complete failure, he doesn’t like fingering, he doesn’t touch, kiss and hug… He can’t hype me up. He simply gets into me without trying to seduce me. But he’s a 20 cm cock and I feel it as it moves inside me. Thanks to that I am having constant orgasms.
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Keeping it short and simple, only if a woman had sex before with a bigger penis, does the size matter. From a biological point of view, she may feel the lack of something. Taking into account other things, if the sex is satisfactory for her, she won’t miss the penis :p

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